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FREE SHIPPING in the US for all orders of $59 or more!
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Introducing: Ascension

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Ascension: Uplifting Energy Healing Candle

I'm so excited to introduce our newest candle!

A truly high-vibe creation, this uplifting luxury candle features fragrance notes of jasmine and neroli to help ease depression, grief, and anxiety, all the while connecting you more directly with Source and the realm of infinite possibility.

Sold in a premium heavy-weight jar with an eco-friendly bamboo lid, this candle's secret is revealed when you light it and the glass transforms into a breathtaking prism of color. It can be beautifully repurposed as a decorative jar after your candle is finished burning.

As with all Third Eye Candles, Ascension is made with 100% clean-burning soy wax, hand poured with love, and infused with Reiki to bring you peace and healing each time you light it. May it bring you many, many blessings!

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