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Finding the light

Lit candle on altar


It’s funny – I didn’t start out making candles because I used them so much myself; I just liked the process of making them. But as I’ve spent these years surrounded by them, I have come to understand the special magic of that moment when the candle is lit and the light bursts forth. There is nothing quite like it to bring you into connection with yourself and the present moment.

The act of lighting a candle is a meditation in itself. It gives us the chance to pause in stillness for a moment and watch the flame come to life.

It is hard-wired into us through our human ancestry to be drawn to a source of light and warmth. It signals safety and security, helping to calm our nervous system and offering reassurance. A candle can’t make the demands and concerns of our life go away, but we are better able to navigate them when we start from a place of peace and stillness inside.

The light of the candle flame calls to the light within us, helping us to more easily know and connect with that deepest, truest part of ourselves.

I love making candles because it allows me to share all of this with others. It allows me to help make the experience of peace that a candle offers available to anyone who needs it.

However you find it, however you share it, may this season of light be one of peace, connection, and joy for you and all those you love.

Many blessings!


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