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FREE SHIPPING in the US for all orders of $59 or more!
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Candle Care Package Love

Thank you, @rizanozee! It was such a pleasure to create this care package for you!
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I just received my big transitions care package from Third Eye Candles! I selected these special items to go on our journey with us after a particularly powerful meditation with the council last week. I was grappling with what it will mean to hold sacred space when we are on the road soon and they said all I need is fresh flowers, one special crystal, and a candle from Rachel at Third Eye Candles! I didn't hesitate and went about selecting a few friendly scents of reiki infused candle yum!
These beauties just arrived and I could literally feel the loving energy radiating out of the box, turning my frown upside down. Transitions can be trying on the nervous system! I know many of you are struggling through some big changes too. Take care and stock up on high vibe supplies!!

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