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Reiki-Infused Healing and Meditation Candle
Reiki-Infused Healing and Meditation Candle
Reiki-Infused Healing and Meditation Candle
Lavender Scented Reiki-Infused Healing and Meditation Candle
Reiki-Infused Candle Burning on Sacred Altar

Reiki Healing and Meditation Candles

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Reiki-infused soy candles for healing and meditation.


Each candle is infused with Reiki, a universal healing energy, to bring peace and healing to all who come within its light. Made with clean burning soy wax and essential oils, they will not add any impurities to your environment.

I offer an unscented candle (PURE LIGHT) for those sensitive to scents.

Use your candle on your altar, during meditation and healing sessions to magnify your prayers and intentions, and to instantly bring peace and healing to any space it's in.

Included with your candle is a downloadable 5-minute relaxation and energy healing meditation to use any time you need a quick recharge.

I developed these candles to use in my meditation classes and healing sessions and in my own home, and I am so excited to offer them to you here. May they bring ever increasing peace and light into your life.


PEACE (Lavender): Gentle, calming, the universal healing scent. Light this candle to create a calm sense of peace both inside and out.

SUNSHINE and CHEER (Citrus): A bright, citrus scent. Light this candle to uplift your spirits and brighten your day.

SACRED SPACE (Incense): A traditional scent for meditation. Light this candle to open sacred space and bless your prayers and meditations.

SURRENDER (Amber): Sweet and sultry. Light this candle as a reminder that you are not alone — support is all around you, whether seen or unseen.

NEW BEGINNINGS (Lemon Verbena): Fresh, lemony, and herbal. Light this candle to celebrate new beginnings and make a fresh start.

BIG and BOLD (Blood Orange): Strong and sweet orange and grapefruit. Light this candle to inspire you to go after your biggest passions and dreams.

DEEPLY ROOTED (Oakmoss): Deep, earthy, a favorite choice for men. Light this candle to connect to the quiet power of the deep forest, where Nature resides untouched.

FOCUS (Rosemary Sage): Herbal and uplifting, with a hint of sweet patchouli. Light this candle to focus your thoughts and attention to get the job done.

FUN in the SUN (Pineapple Sage): Earthy, sweet, tropical. Like a fruity drink on a lazy summer day, light this candle to be transported to tropical paradise.

PURE LIGHT (Unscented): For those sensitive to scent. Light this candle to connect directly to pure Source energy and know the true light of your soul.

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Aileen H.
United States United States
Candles Reimagined

We had no idea what quality candles were until we tried Third Eye Candles by Rachel! I love the scents because they are unique without being overpowering. Every aspect of the candles “burn” implies that they are made with only quality ingredients, for the best vibes!

Alice H.
United States United States
Oh so nice!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your items. The fragrances are just the right thing to help me mellow out and relax.